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Find Your Scent

Whether you're looking for something to use on the go or to keep by the kitchen sink, there's a scent for everyone.

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Aloe Vera

Keep cool with our aloe vera hand sanitiser. The combination of aloe vera and cucumber makes this invigorating fragrance a delight for your senses.


Make your day better with our citrus-scented hand sanitiser gel. It has a natural blend of lemon, orange blossom, and lemongrass that work together in this uplifting fragrance to boost your mood and protect your hands.


Start your day off right and introduce our grapefruit hand wash into your morning routine. Our fresh, zingy and truly uplifting, our pink peppered grapefruit is filled with zesty essential oils from the peel of the fruit. 


Unwind with our lavender infused essential oils that are known for their calming and relaxing properties, this soothing scent will have you reaching for the pump throughout the day and keeping you calm day and night.

Mixed Berry

Take yourself to the Caribbean with our berry scented sanitiser, combined with sweet melon it will transport you to sunnier climates.


Feel confident with your fragrance. It’s about more than smelling good, it's about making a statement. Oud scents dominate the perfume and fragrance world, now you can inhale the aromatic scents from the palm of your hands. Use our lotion for a scent that will last all day.


Have fun with our peach hand spray. Powered by soft, fruity peach notes, this fragrant scent will intensely refresh and cleanse your hand.

Sandalwood & Lemongrass

Be at one with nature and lift your senses with this uplifting mix of lemongrass and sandalwood. Available in a hand wash, lotion, gel and mist.


Enjoy life out and about again with our coriander infused watermelon mist spray, this refreshing watermelon will awaken your senses with every drop. Perfect for on the go.

If you can't decide on just one, shop our gift sets for a variety of scents.

Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser Gel Set of 6  



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luxurious hand care collection made with essential oils.

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