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Turning Black Friday Green

Black Friday - One of the most anticipated shopping holidays of the year. Across the world, retailers will slash their prices to present to customers.

At Let's Sanitise, we think it's crucial to take this day to think about what effect Black Friday might have on our environment. We might see it as one day out of the year. However, it is quite the contrary, days and weeks leading up to Black Friday, you'll find plenty of pre-sales available. As a result of this, shops and online stores will be packed with customers this coming Friday. However, do many of us stop and think about what effect this cyber frenzy has?

As most are aware, the climate crisis is a battle we all have to face for years to come. One thing we can do is use days like Black Friday to increase awareness about the issue. That's why we say we're turning Black Friday green by using the shipping costs of orders leading up to the Friday to plant trees at a local wildlife sanctuary. With us launching the company just over a year ago, finding both cost-effective, environmentally friendly shipping options are few and far between. We know that's not enough to leave the issue as it is. That's why we've made it part of our mission to find ways to combat this environmental crisis.

We believe that our effort to help the environment must start locally within the community. As mentioned before, we're helping plant trees at a local animal sanctuary called the Hoppy Acre. We believe that planting these trees will attract wildlife, which will, in turn, leave the environment around flourishing.


Let's Sanitise Planting Trees

To celebrate positive change and the new Green Friday, we encouraged our customers to make an informed purchase after reading this mission statement.

Taking small steps can go a long way to solving this environmental situation. We hope that this Black Friday pledge will inspire positive actions toward change to the environment and society.


Let's Sanitise Black Friday

Let's Sanitise X Hoppy Acre



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