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Sanitiser that smells better than perfume


Sometimes a business is born out of necessity, sometimes out of opportunity, sometimes out of timing - and sometimes all of these. The team behind Megabooth, a successful event company in the UK, looked for ways to protect their staff during a very challenging time for the hospitality industry.  After opening their premises to help charity WE C U supply care packages to all NHS and social care staff, there came the light bulb moment.

‘Covid almost sank our events company — we pivoted into a £2 million sanitiser business’ 

- Headline in Evening Standard

After several zoom meetings discussing how to utilise their existing suppliers and customer base, they dreamt up the idea of supplying sanitiser stations to help businesses reopen safely. The rest is history.


Ever wondered what to do with your Let's Sanitise pumps, caps and flexible tubes waste? We are happy to announce that we have just added another new service to help you recycle every material not just the bottles. Book your return today, and help reduce our impact on our planet.

Recycle Scheme

We are proud to announce as part of our efforts to give back and become climate positive, we have signed up with Ecologi to plant trees for every order placed on the website.


Personalise our products with your name or brand to increase customer interaction. If your business is looking for more of a bulk order of our sanitiser and would like a customisable option, we offer white label hand sanitisers


Hand care for all

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Like your face, your hands function as your connection to the world around you. You touch surfaces, shake hands when you meet or greet someone and high five and when you seal a deal. Your hands even express your affection to those you love. They soothe, console and nurture. Maybe you "talk" with yours? In any case, whenever you're interacting with others, your hands will probably spend some time in the spotlight.

The problem is that your hands are also essential tools and deserve the best hand care treatments to strive.  Formulated in the UK our vegan-friendly hand care range is like no other on the market.

Hand care and proper hygiene is the single most important way to prevent yourself from getting sick and from spreading germs to others. Encouraging your customers, colleagues, and visitors to wash their hands more will keep us all safe. Beyond that, hand care products don't need to see smell unpleasant or leave your hands feeling dry and cracked . they should feel and smell great. Our scented range represents one member of the Let's Sanitise team. From sweet and fruity fragrances to calming scents that sooth your mind, body and soul - there's something for everyone!

Natural Ingredients

luxurious hand care collection made with essential oils.

Made in the UK

We are proud that we formulate our products in the UK.

You Buy, We Donate

Choose a good cause and we'll take care of the rest.