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Travel restrictions removed - travel essentials to pack on your next trip

As travel from the UK to the world opens up, it's safe to say quite a few of us are having a strong urge to get away for a well-deserved break. Going abroad does come with certain precautions, and if you're not sure what to pack on this trip to keep you safe as we get past this pandemic, we're here to set you straight on the essentials you'll need.

Let's start with a product that comes in sizes small enough to get you through security at the airport whilst having the convenience to clean your hands anywhere. Our travel-sized hand sanitiser selection is the perfect choice with our 60ml and our 50ml ranges. Coming in a collection of fruity and extravagant scents, you'll start the holiday off the right way while protecting your hands from 99 per cent of bacteria and viruses.

Now stow-away tables on trains and planes aren't the most hygienic places to enjoy your travel meal, so we suggest bringing some anti-bacterial surface wipes in your kit of essentials. Available in delightful scents of lavender, citrus and aloe vera, you can be sure that the surface will be left smelling fresh whilst eradicating germs.

Last but not least, on the list of travel essentials you'll need for your trip are face masks. Most if not all travel hubs such as train stations and airports require wearing face masks as a necessity. Although face coverings aren't essential in the UK, every country has its requirements, so it's worth checking before leaving. As a friend to the environment, we do ask that you bring a reusable face mask to ensure single-use face masks do not end up in landfill.

Stay safe and happy travels folks.

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