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Hygiene Solutions For Restaurants

Restaurants in the UK will have to adapt to survive, and failing to do so will not win the trust back of the British public, reports confirm. That's why to celebrate welcoming diners back into restaurants, we've delivered the first batch of hygiene solution stations to Wagamama and Prezzo as restaurant chains go the extra mile to protect customers and employees.
However, restaurants worry as studies show that "50% of Britons are uncomfortable about going out after lockdown ends".
The current drop in high street footfall is partly down to uncertainty and job losses, but also people are living in distress that a second wave is imminent if they move towards a normal way of life. Restaurants such as Prezzo, are looking to combat this fear by implementing social distance markers, Public Health England advice stickers, spaced out tables, and floor standing and wall mounted hygiene stations which we have provided.
Wagamama took a similar approach to Prezzo with their post-COVID restaurants. To coincide with their phased reopening, Wagamama new-look restaurants include marked routes, petition glass walls and freestanding sanitiser units at the entrance to encourage customers to sanitise before dining.
Automatic sanitiser stations in busy areas are the most effective way to stop the spread of infection. Some of the most critical times to wash your hand involves handling food. Therefore, restaurants need to have stations in prominent positions for employees and customers.
"We're delighted with both the sanitiser units themselves which look superb and complement our brand look and feel - and the support service from Rachel and the team at Let's Sanitise. They were quick to react to get us going, all our queries are dealt with efficiently, and they are a great new partner supplier”.
Prezzo Procurement Manager on Let's Sanitise
Both the Wagamama sanitiser station and the Prezzo sanitiser station are fitted with custom branding on every unit provided for maximum brand exposure.
We at Let's Sanitise offer a fast delivery service and provide hygiene products for both independent and large chain restaurants.
Wagamama Hand Sanitising Station
Wagamama Sanitising Station
Wagamama Hand Sanitiser Dispenser
Prezzo Sanitising Station
Prezzo Sanitising Station

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