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When further social distancing restrictions relax, and events start to make their return, you'll want to keep your guests safe and your brand awareness increased by hiring a hand sanitising station. 


Event Safety

It's mid-July and restrictions to the public among the coronavirus crisis are beginning to relax. We think this gives all of us in the events industry hope of a return in the somewhat near future. However, when the time comes, we must prepare accordingly. When welcoming guests to the first event in months, you'll want them to feel as comfortable as possible. Measures need to be taken such as including specific hand sanitising stations for events at every entrance and doorway. Additionally, if applicable, a 1-metre plus distance between guests might need to be enforced.
Event organisers will face a challenge in creating risk assessments. Ensuring the safety of people who have had a few drinks is stressful enough, let alone implementing measures to keep a pandemic under wraps.

Brand Experience

We could discuss the safety benefits of people sanitising their hands at events for a long time. However, believe it or not, there are further advantages to including hand sanitiser stations at events. For example, one benefit is how they can increase brand awareness.
When wanting to get your brand name out there at an event, adding your name onto a hand sanitising station for events in Covid 19 times is perhaps the best way for guests to interact with your brand, and we'll tell you why. When your brand name or logo is printed aesthetically onto a hand sanitising station, what you have is a physical customer touchpoint. What we mean by this is each customer who sanitises their hands will interact with your brand.
We imagine that the first events to return after the pandemic will be outdoor rather than indoor. Let's Sanitise offer a fantastic product to work in tandem with outdoor events. It's a durable and robust floorstanding unit suitable for busy public areas, and the name is Harry. The product has a refillable hand sanitiser storage and can have bespoke branding. A more than suitable choice when looking for a hand sanitising station for events.
For the moment events start to make their return, you'll want to keep your guests safe and brand awareness increased by hiring a hand sanitising station.

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