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Surprising uses for hand sanitiser

How to use hand sanitiser beyond cleaning your hands

We all know that using hand sanitiser to keep our hands clean is the first line of defence against viruses. Have you ever thought about what else hand sanitiser can be used for, considering, viruses and bacteria can live on all surfaces? Probably not, but we have.
It turns out hand sanitiser is an extremely versatile cleaning product, and some of its uses may surprise you. After searching the internet, we've picked some of our favourite hand sanitiser cleaning tips;
1. Clean your phone screen. The typical mobile phone carries over 25,000 bacteria per square inch. This is dirtier than a kitchen counter (showing 1,736 bacteria per square inch), your dog's food dish (2,110 bacteria per square inch), and even the common doorknob (8,643 bacteria per square inch). I don't know about you, but I don't think I can use my phone in the same way, again.
2. Dry shampoo. Although COVID has made us all slow down a bit, there's always a day where we are rushing out the door. You can spray a little hand sanitiser on to make your hair look fresh-washed when you don't have time for washing and blow-drying.
3. Clean your keyboard. Computer keyboards have to absorb more dirt than you think; in fact, it can be just as dirty as a toilet seat. Therefore, sanitise your hands and your keyboard at the same time to avoid your hands smelling like a public toilet.
4. No deodorant, no problem. The perfect substitute if your deodorant is running low, wipe on the sanitiser and let it dry. Warning** Don't do this on freshly shaved pits, though.
5. Remove stains, off everything. Get a microfibre cloth, squirt some sanitiser and clean your furniture, clothing, cars, glassware and silver. You name it.
With all the uses for hand sanitiser, it's worth having some with you at all times, and with our scented sanitiser range, you get the best of both. Clean and Fragrant!

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