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How to wash your hands the right way?

Incorrectly washing your hands can lead to a whole host of problems. These issues can range from collecting unwanted bacteria to damaged skin.
When we were all young we got those never-ending cries from our parents to wash your hands before tea. Perhaps now that message is more prevalent than ever. With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the nation the call to wash our hands from the government remains ever-present.
However, we must keep in mind there is a right and wrong way to wash our hands. One wrong way of doing it is washing your hands for too short of an amount of time. We've all heard the governments advice to sing happy birthday while washing our hands. The NHS has confirmed that this information reigns true - they state that "you should wash your hands for the amount of time it takes to sing "Happy Birthday" twice (around 20 seconds)".
The way you wash your hands must also not be ignored. Rubbing soap onto our palms, making sure the soap comes off and then stopping probably means there are still germ imposters lurking on your hands. It's paramount we make sure we take the time to scrub every nook and cranny of our hands. From the gaps in between our fingers to rubbing the fingernails on the other palm - no stone (or germ in this case) should be unturned.
What's equally important to the two points we've made so far is when to wash your hands. Before COVID washing our hands every few hours was almost something unthinkable. Now it''s recommended that after every time we come into contact with a public surface such as a door handle, card machine and a lift button we should wash our hands immediately after.
However, hand washing facilities aren't always accessible in public. That's why it's best you use the hand sanitising stations that are available in public. As an example, Carnaby Street in London has free-standing manual pump hand sanitising stations for the public to us - all of which are provided by Let's Sanitise.
To conclude, washing your hands has never been so crucial. Therefore getting clued up on the topic can only be beneficial to us.

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