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Summer travel bag must haves

As summer approaches, it’s time pull out the swimwear and shorts, and get ready for days in the sun! As part of keeping your busy life on schedule when the warmer weather arrives, we wanted to share our tips on how to survive summer with your best bag essentials.


1. Hand sanitiser

Even pre-pandemic, staying sanitary has always been essential for travellers. Whether it's a city break or a relaxing beach holiday, you’ll need sanitiser on your flight, using public transport, before you eat or for a quick refresh on the go throughout the day.

Our 60ml flip cap gel sanitisers are perfect for your travel bag and offer you a variety of refreshing or sweet summer scents. Our favourite is peach for its soft and fruity notes, its a great summer pick me up.


2. Your favourite book

As previously mentioned in our de-stress edit, ‘Good Vibes, Good Life’ is one of our favourites, guiding us on how self love is the key to unlocking greatness. Alternatively, if you would rather a fictional book, opt for a summer romance novel or a thriller.

3. Sunglasses

Something which is more beneficial on your face than in your bag but its always worth carrying multiple pairs for those times when you’re running out the door and forget.

4. SPF lip balm & suncream

Protect your skin but don’t forget your lips can burn as well! Remember to always wear SPF underneath your makeup!

5. Sanitiser spray

This is great for disinfecting surfaces! This could be the tray table on the plane or your mobile phone. This is super useful and can be used for all sorts of purposes.


Other essentials:

  • Purse / wallet
  • Passport
  • Mobile phone
  • Headphones


Some other things to consider:

  • Disposable camera
  • Your favourite perfume / body spray
  • Hair clip / hair brush


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