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Kent Wildlife Trust

As part of our efforts to become more sustainable, alongside recently becoming members of 1% for the planet, each month we are going to partner with a non-profit charity. This month we have chosen Kent Wildlife Trust but over the next few months we will be working with a wide variety of environmental charities covering climate, land, food, pollution, water and wildlife. We have made this simple for you to get involved by adding a donate section at our checkout where you can select how much you would like to donate if you wanted to do so.

Whatever you donate, Let's Sanitise will match it!

A bit about the charity...

Their mission is to work with people to restore, save and enhance our natural heritage. Kent Wildlife Trust is working to ensure that our wildlife is protected and restored, now and in the future. We work to help organisations, people and communities connect to nature and care for our natural places.

In the next 25 years their vision is to create a Wilder Kent where abundant wildlife has been restored across 30% of land and sea and is valued as a critical human life support system.

If we act now, we can restore nature by creating:

  • Wilder towns & cities
  • Wilder woodlands & grasslands
  • Wilder rivers
  • Wilder coasts & seas

Their Values

“Our values relate to a world rich in wildlife and better for people.”

These values are:

We are passionate about nature and passionate about people's experience of nature.

We inspire people to act in ways which benefit the natural world.

We work with individuals, organisations and communities to deliver value to the economy, to people and to wildlife.

Our desire to secure a strong future for the people and wildlife of Kent is steadfast and enduring.

Science, evidence and data underpin our thinking.


If you would like to donate directly to Kent Wildlife Trust, click here.

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