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Sanitiser Stations in Schools

Sanitiser Stations in schools are now mandatory for pupils and staff to clean their hands according to the latest Government guidance.


The health and safety of pupils and staff in schools rest on the shoulders of the employer. Local authorities maintain state schools and academies. On the other hand, the government manage foundation, voluntary aided, free schools and stand-alone academies. Sanitiser stations in schools will need to be introduced along with extra hygiene measures. The schools plan to reopen in September to all year groups.

Official Government guidance for schools reopening in September state they must ensure that pupils clean their hands regularly. Safety measures include when they arrive, return from breaks, change rooms and before and after eating. It goes on to say whether there are enough hand washing and hand sanitiser stations in schools available so that all pupils and staff can clean their hands regularly.

Let's Sanitise Hands-Free Sanitiser Stations

Let's Sanitise recognise that schools have many touchpoints to consider when choosing locations for sanitiser stations. As it stands, schools are having to make use of unconventional areas within their buildings to allow for separate bubbles. Many of these won't have facilities like a typical classroom won't have sinks for washing hands, whereas a dedicated hand sanitiser station can offer a portable solution.

Let's Sanitise provide portable and wall-mounted hygiene stations with automatic dispensers and have supplied them to UK schools since the beginning of the pandemic. Schools including Eton College, Co-op Academies, Northwood Schools and many more have ordered stations with Let's Sanitise WHO-approved gel.  

Hand cleansing stations by Let's Sanitise provide a practical solution that will help schools meet government regulations by September.

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