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The Effects Of Scent

The NHS state that a loss of smell is one of the signs of COVID-19 - that's why during this time it's important to keep our senses ticking. The effects of scent can improve our stress and well-being levels. Smells wake us up, makes us sleep and influences the way we go about our day.


Scents Complement Taste

When it's time for brunch, taste comes in handy. However, our nose is the secret agent that determines how we feel about the food we eat. Whenever our nose smells food, signals are sent to the brain, which then combines with taste receptors to give us our reaction to the meal. In other words, the food is eaten - reaction, this guac is delicious.


Emotional Effects

Smells can influence your emotions - this is what's known as aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the use of plant extracts to improve a person's mind, health and well-being. For example, some scents ease stress, and others reduce anxiety.

Smells Affect Our Sleep

Lavender is a great example when wanting to explain how scents affect our quality of sleep. A study by the department of psychology from the Wesleyan University in Connecticut says;
"Lavender increased the percentage of deep or slow‐wave sleep (SWS) in men and women."
To explain that further in non-jargon terms, smelling lavender and it's well-known calming effects before bed is proven to help sleep quality, and put you in a relaxed state.

More On Lavender

Lavender is available as an essential oil, which has been widely tested for its health benefits. As mentioned before, if you're having trouble sleeping and looking for a natural remedy, this is the plant for you. What's more, is that various studies show that the effect of lavender can lower levels of anxiety and improve mood.
Let's Sanitise offer a lavender hand sanitising gel that moisturises and cleanses your hands. Sticking with lavender products can keep you relaxed, calm and ready for the day ahead.

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