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Spring self care guide

Your self care is important, and with the weather getting warmer and evenings staying lighter, you can look for a sunnier Spring to rejuvenate your mind and body.


Here are our 10 Spring self care tips on making your day even brighter:

  1. Take 10 minutes to yourself - this could be anytime of day just to get a bit of you time. Use this time to reflect on your day or just to detach for a moment and recharge.

  2. Go for a walk - especially when the weather is bright make the most of the sunshine and fresh air. Meet with a friend and grab a coffee, listen to a podcast or simply enjoy to your surroundings.

  3. Spring is the ultimate time for a good home clear out - even if you just organise that miscellaneous drawer which you have avoided for years. Freshen up your sofa, carpets and bedding and have a deep spring clean.

  4. Equally alongside your spring clean, organise your clothes! Declutter the clothes you don’t need and pack your winter clothes away. With the clothes you don’t want try selling it for some extra cash or donating to a charity shop.

  5. Replace nighttime scrolling with journalling!

  6. Book something to look forward to - this could be a holiday, event or a dinner with friends.

  7. Take care of your skin - have a pamper night! This is the most obvious in a self care routine but the most fast effective. Winter dries out your skin so keep it moisturised, do a face mask and remember to always wear SPF.

  8. Buy some fresh flowers - invite colour and nature into your home and instantly lift your mood.

  9. Spread love and positivity - compliment a stranger, it’ll make you feel good too!

  10. Do something for yourself - whether that’s something that been on your bucket list or to do list for a while, tick it off this spring!

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