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Introducing the Black Edition

Introducing the Black Edition - New Black Auto Dispensers Available with the Harry Range

Automatic dispensers are the go-to product for hotels, restaurants, retail stores, schools and hospitals across the UK in the fight against coronavirus. However, for many establishments that have now reopened to the public, they want sleek, stylish soap dispensers to match their sophisticated and contemporary interiors.
The black auto dispensers are now available with our full range of sanitiser stations including the Harry freestanding, wall mount and countertop. The functionality is the same as the white dispensers; it takes liquid or gel and holds a maximum of 1000ml. You can upgrade the capacity to 1200ml for higher footfall areas. The soap dispenser's infrared sensor will automatically detect your hands and dispense the correct amount of sanitiser to clean your hands thoroughly. The unit requires minimal maintenance for maximum peace of mind.
The system is easy to refill thanks to its simple lock and key system, and you can choose from one of our scented sanitiser gel refills to keep your hands feeling clean and fragrant. We have peach, mixed berry, lavender, aloe vera and citrus in stock and have a promotional offer of £23.99 for one 5L sanitiser gel. For a long term solution, we have 5L refill subscription packages to keep you stocked up.
The sophisticated black edition is the perfect hygiene solution that can enhance any decor and is in stock and ready for delivery today. Limited stock is available. You can order the black dispenser as a standalone for £69.99 or on the Harry freestanding station for £25 more (total £275). Please get in touch if you’ve ordered a station from us and want to upgrade your dispensers to the black edition.

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