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Health and Wellbeing Charity Donations

Since June, we have been working with 'A Good Thing' which connects businesses with charities in order to donate their product to where needs it most.

This month we have already made donations to 17 different charities across the UK. The charities have varied from community and disability to health, wellbeing and support.

Want to find out more about the health and wellbeing charities and what we have donated? Continue reading...

Ataxia and Me

Ataxia and Me is a non-profit organisation founded by a patient, and run by patients, helping to maximise the patient voice within the medical, health and pharma community. Ataxia is a medical condition that causes people to gradually lose control over their body. It usually gets worse over time until the affected person becomes dependent on others for their needs. Unfortunately, there is no cure.

We have donated 12 of our Citrus mist sprays to help keep the organisation and members sanitised and clean.

Click here to find out more about Ataxia and Me.


The Hygiene Bank

The Hygiene Bank gives people access to the basics they need. Products are donated, collected, sorted and distributed to their network of community partners - a mix of organisations, charities and schools.

We have donated 16 Aloe Vera mist sprays which The Hygiene Bank can distribute to their various organisations.

Click here to find out more about The Hygiene Bank.


Want to find out about more donations we have made this month? Check out our community donations blog post here.

Keep an eye out on our socials and blog to read about the rest of the donations we have made.

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