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Earth Day 2021

The theme of Earth Day 2021 is 'restoring our Earth'. At Let's Sanitise, this phrase hits home as it addresses our core values. 

Fitting seamlessly into the theme of this year's Earth Day and our You Buy, We Donate pledge, we will donate 10% of all profits made on the sales of our Scented Mist Sprays to Earth Canopy Project.

What is the Earth Day Canopy Project?

Earth Day's mission (in short) is to plant trees worldwide, starting with locations in serious need of reforesting. With deforestation being a contributor to climate change and trees playing such a key role in our environmental health, we see Earth Day's Canopy Project as a crucial campaign for our planet. 

For more information on our most eco-friendly products, check out our refillable 5-Litre Hand Sanitiser. It's plant-based, cruelty-free and ideal for refiling any empty bottles you have with Sanitiser to keep you safe for the day ahead. 

Natural Ingredients

luxurious hand care collection made with essential oils.

Made in the UK

We are proud that we formulate our products in the UK.

You Buy, We Donate

Choose a good cause and we'll take care of the rest.