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Hand hygiene for colder weather

As the Autumn season approaches us, usually so does the cold weather. Here are all the tips you'll need for keeping good hand hygiene through the Autumn and Winter months.

Predicting how infection rates from the pandemic will fare in Autumn and Winter can give you mixed opinions. What we can do as the general public to keep safe is to follow the basic hygiene guidelines such as maintaining a safe distance from people, and washing our hands thoroughly.
In colder weather, it's not only coronavirus we have to be worried about. As we all know, cold and flu are prevalent at this time, leading to fears that our healthcare system may be overrun again. However, other claims are stating that the more people that stay indoors the less chance there is of contracting any infection such as COVID or flu.
The colder weather will also bring discomfort to the hands of people who have sensitive skin - that's why it's important for people to choose the right type of hand sanitiser to wash their hands with. Our hand sanitiser contains aloe vera which helps to moisturise the skin while keeping it clean. Pharmeasy has some great information when wanting to learn the further benefits of aloe vera.
It goes without saying that in all temperature conditions, you'd want to keep your hands clean to avoid contracting any viruses. The Centre Daily Times Medical expert for infection prevention and control Marlene Stenson states that "cold and flu viruses stay in the air for only a short time before falling to surfaces. Some viruses and bacteria can live up to two hours or more on surfaces like doorknobs, phones and tables." These are all surfaces that are regularly in contact with the human hand. Marlene also goes onto say that the best way to manage hand hygiene is by "applying an antiseptic product, like alcohol-based liquid, foam or gel."
We specialise in providing hand sanitising products so people can perform the necessary practices to take steps toward us defeating the virus.

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