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Eat Out To Help Out

The Eat Out To Help Out scheme is the governments latest plan to boost the number of people eating out in restaurants. The scheme will include 50% off food and drinks for customers.

The British public has been queuing outside restaurants and cafes since the beginning of this week due to the introduction of the Eat Out To Help Out initiative. The government has released the scheme in an attempt to revitalise the hospitality industry.

About Eat Out To Help Out

Eat Out To Help Out is an initiative launched by the government to offer people a discount eating in at restaurants rather than having a takeaway. The discount is given at a rate of 50% for meals up to £10 per person. For example, someone who receives a restaurant bill of £30 will end up spending £20 due to the maximum £10 reduction. A further example would be someone who has a £10 bill would end up spending £5 as they would remain within the discount cap limit.
The scheme commenced on the 3rd of August and will finish at the end of the month. Restaurants and cafes can only use this promotion from Monday to Wednesday at any time of day.
Let's Sanitise clients such as Wagamama, Frankie & Benny's and Prezzo have signed up to the government initiative. However, it's not only the large restaurant chains that are signing up to the scheme. The Wagamama sanitiser station and Prezzo sanitiser station features in all of their restaurants. The independent establishments are adopting this too. Tandoor At The Chambers, a restaurant serving a Punjabi cuisine is also offering Eat Out To Help Out.
The hospitality industry will have a lot to overcome as we look to move forward past the Covid-19 pandemic. Keeping people safe and maintaining a financial balance will be crucial. As mentioned above, companies such as; Wagamama, Frankie & Benny's, Prezzo, Tandoor At The Chambers, and more are committing to keeping people safe by including our hand sanitiser stations and gel in their restaurants. All of the hand sanitiser gel we provide is over the WHO recommended 70% alcohol level.
The Wagamama sanitiser stations and the Prezzo Sanitiser Stations all have custom branding on each unit with multiple dispensers provided to each location.
Eat Out To Help Out Sanitising Stations
To conclude, we hope that the Eat Out To Help Out Scheme will influence people to visit restaurants and cafes more over the next few weeks as long as it's safe to do so. In turn, this will help businesses recover finances lost due to the virus and help society return to some sort of normality.
Eat Out To Help Out - Prezzo Sanitising Station

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