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Branded Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

 An Automatic Branded Hand Sanitising Dispenser - what is it?

Have you ever noticed hand sanitiser dispensers in public places like malls, supermarkets, trains stations or stadiums? No? We haven't either. That's because they usually are in the most discreet places, camouflaged within their surroundings. Even if you're one of the few that find one, the machine will only cough out the last dregs of foam that partially clean your hands. Certainly not enough to sing happy birthday.. twice.
During these extremely challenging times for us all we need to think of ways to protect our staff and customers but continue to grow and drive sales - introducing branded hand sanitiser dispensers.
Whether we like it or not, it's time to prepare for the 'new normal' and the most critical factors at the top of the post-Covid-19 priority list, after social distancing, is hand hygiene.
We expect it to be mandatory for public places to install hand sanitiser dispensers to keep our paws virus free. We saw this as a great opportunity to look at the traditional hand dispenser and transform it into an exciting branded content platform to attract new customers.
Branding products is one of today's fastest-growing forms of communicating. We are used to seeing adverts on a grand scale like Times Square and Piccadilly Circus, conveying messages from the biggest brands in the world. However, an advertisement with branding on an automatic hand sanitiser quite literally puts you face to face with every consumer in a public place. As consumers, we have trained ourselves to look at the TV and branded displays automatically. Hence, it's in a business' best interests to use a custom branding to win new customers.
We have put together all the best features below and we are confident that our hand sanitiser kiosks will benefit your business and your advertising channels.
  • Supports WiFi, hardwired or 3/4G connection to the web
  • Automatic dispenser system
  • Safe and secure sanitiser refill
  • Built-in Android media player
  • Contactless
  • Easy to use Content management system
  • Scheduling, Analytics and monitoring.
We have three automatic hand sanitiser dispensers to ensure we have something for everyone.
Hand Sanitiser Dispensers
The Harry free-standing offering maximum brand exposure from one single kiosk.
Meet the Harry Wall-Mount, the younger, snappier, space-saving sibling  that will sit proudly on your wall.
If you want to find out more on how to utilise our sanitiser stations, please get in touch today.

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