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Why the Refill Pouch?

What you want to know.

Our Hand Wash Refill Pouch is SLS and paraben free, contains 100% natural essential oils, made in the UK and is vegan and cruelty free. We launched these Refill pouches to extend the life of our products, reducing our waste and plastic production. These are just the beginning steps we are taking to define a better future for the planet and becoming a more sustainable business.


What does this mean?

We care about the plastic waste crisis, where globally just 9% of plastic gets recycled. The beauty industry is one of the top offenders in the packaging industry when it comes to plastic waste therefore we want to shift towards a more conscious care industry.

Introducing the Refill.

In 5 of our best selling scents; Aloe Vera & Cucumber, Lavender, Our Noir, Pink Grapefruit and Sandalwood & Lemongrass, there’s a scent for everyone. With 75% less plastic, this pouch can be purchased to refill your own bottles at home or your 500ml bottle from us!


Why a Refill?

We have one planet and we need to protect it by reducing our footprint.We want to make hand wash bottles a one time purchase and leave disposable culture behind. Our refill pouches can top up a full sized 500ml hand wash twice!



We recommend collecting up your refill pouches (3+) before sending them back to us, we recycle our packaging and what can’t be recycled with us, is recycled with our partners Ecologi to break down more difficult materials.


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Natural Ingredients

luxurious hand care collection made with essential oils.

Made in the UK

We are proud that we formulate our products in the UK.

You Buy, We Donate

Choose a good cause and we'll take care of the rest.