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This Month's Donations to Support Charities

Since June, we have been working with 'A Good Thing' which connects businesses with charities in order to donate their product to where needs it most.

This month we have already made donations to 17 different charities across the UK. The charities have varied from community and disability to health, wellbeing and support.

Want to find out more about the support charities and what we have donated? Continue reading...

Headway West London

A brain injury charity affiliated with, but separate from, Headway UK. They provide information and services to support brain injury survivors, their families and carers, and relevant professionals.

We donated 32 of our aloe vera mini gels to help those in the centre stay sanitised.

Click here to find out more about Headway West London.

Home-start Ealing

They recruit and train volunteers from around the borough of Ealing. They then carefully match the volunteer with a family in need of support. Volunteers are from all walks of life, each and every one a parent or even grandparent, all with a little free time available each week to help provide emotional and practical help to local families. Support is confidential, flexible and totally responsive to the family’s needs.

We donated 12 of our watermelon mist sprays for the volunteers and families to use.

Click here to find out more about Home-start Ealing.

Oxfordshire Sexual Abuse & Rape Crisis Centre

A feminist organisation committed to supporting survivors of sexual abuse, rape, domestic abuse, and harassment. They offer a free and confidential service to survivors who are dealing with the effects of sexual violence, and to anyone who is supporting them.

We donated 20 of our mixed berry mist sprays to help the clinic stay clean and sanitised.

Click here to find out more about the Oxfordshire Sexual Abuse & Rape Crisis Centre.

The GINA Project

A social enterprise offering unparalleled opportunities for individuals subjected to sexual violence & abuse to: Grow, Inspire, Nurture and Achieve. when you support GINA, you help to create a future where individuals subjected to sexual trauma can thrive & live the life they desire.

We donated 18 of our mixed berry mist sprays to help keep the organisation protected.

Click here to find out more about The GINA Project.

Younger People with Dementia

Traditional support services provided for those with dementia are designed to meet the needs and expected therapeutic outcomes of older adults and subsequently, access to activities appropriate for younger adults with dementia continues to be limited locally, regionally and nationally.

We donated 14 of our citrus mist sprays.

Click here to find out more about Younger People with Dementia.

Youth Concern

An independent youth charity that supports young people, aged 13-25. They will treat you with compassion and respect. They listen without judgment. They will work with you for you and they won’t give up on you.

We donated 20 of our watermelon mist sprays to use within the centre.

Click here to find out more about Youth Concern.

Youth Enquiry Service

Offers free and confidential support and counselling to 13-25 year olds. They work with young people experiencing a wide variety of social welfare issues; these include housing, debt, sexual health, education and employment.

We donated 16 of our aloe vera mist sprays to keep the staff and young people sanitised.

Click here to find out more about Youth Enquiry Service.

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