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Sanitiser Station Giveaway



Hand Sanitising Station Giveaway


Nominate a business of your choice to win a free sanitiser station.


We appreciate that the uncertainty, cash flow and furloughed staff sadly dominate our thoughts and is likely to continue throughout the year. However, we're not going to let that stop us in trying to bring some cheer to your day. We are offering 10 free sanitiser stations to any businesses in the UK to ensure they have the correct hygiene measures in place to stop the spread of infection.


Seeing the subject line "You've won a FREE…" fall into your inbox is a fantastic feeling… when it's genuine of course.


Winning a prize in a competition or giveaway is an exciting, magical experience - you pause briefly to heighten the anticipation before you open it to reveal your winnings.


Now, stop for a minute and think about one of your friends who may run a small independent business and would love to receive that exact email. It can be a local boutique, family run cafe, a beauty salon or a charity.


The Let's Sanitise giveaway is open to all industry sectors that are looking to implement safety measures to protect the public.

How to enter on Instagram

  1. Like this post

  2. Follow @letssanitise

  3. Tag three people/businesses you would like to nominate

Or sign up to mailing list below and let us know about a business you love. It's that simple.


We are living in a very challenging time and businesses now more than ever need your help. That's why we are showing our support with a giveaway to help them reopen, and reopen safely.
If you're one of our lucky winners , you're not only a champion in life, but you're also supported by your customers and friends who have nominated you to win a sanitiser station for your business.
The community spirit and personal appreciation has never been more important for our wellbeing. The Let's Sanitise team will continue to work flat out to support industries recover from the impact of COVID-19. We are offering one of the most comprehensive ranges of sanitiser stands and sanitising stations on the market. They are in stock and ready for delivery within 48 hours.

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