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Our Donations to Community Charities this Month

Since June, we have been working with 'A Good Thing' which connects businesses with charities in order to donate their product to where needs it most.

This month we have already made donations to 17 different charities across the UK. The charities have varied from community and disability to health, wellbeing and support.

Want to find out more about the community charities and what we have donated? Continue reading...

Devizes Opendoors

Devizes Opendoor is a charity set up to help people in the Devizes Community Area to find solutions to homelessness, to offer support to local people when they are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless and to benefit local individuals in need. They provide four cooked meals a week where there are approximately 15 - 30 guests. At these drop in sessions, the guests are given good food, company, the chance to shower, hot drinks and support from their staff and volunteers. The guests are a mixture of rough sleepers and those that are vulnerable in their current living conditions.

We have donated 16 of our Aloe Vera mist sprays to Devizes Opendoors which guest and volunteers can use during the drop in sessions.

Click here to find out more about Devizes Opendoors.

Hessle Road Network

Hessle Road Network is a community led organisation formed to enable local residents to actively participate in regeneration issues in their area - particularly those addressing the needs of young people.

The project is based in an urban location less than two miles from Hull city centre. It is a genuinely community run community focussed set up involved in the direct delivery of service to its customers.

We have made a donation of 12 Watermelon mist sprays which will be used by staff within sessions and as well as distributed to service users.

Click here to find out more about Hessle Road Network.

Interact Chelmsford

Where individuals, families, children, young people and communities have increased choice to make informed decisions about their lives, enabling them to fully participate in their community and society, and to reach their full potential.

Interact promote creativity and help to inspire and empower people to make positive progress and live a happy and fulfilling life.

We have donated 32 of our Peach gels to interact, which they will use on trips and activities to keep everyone safe and sanitised.

Click here to find out more about Interact.

The London and Slough Run

Each week the charity distributes items such as food, drink, clothing, bedding and toiletries to the homeless and those in need who come along to various distribution points on the streets of London.

We have donated 12 Citrus mist sprays, which the homeless guests can use.

Click here to find out more about The London Slough Run.

Tools with a Mission

TWAM send trade kits full of tools that are used in skills training centres, offering trainees a way to put poverty in the past for good and begin their own sustainable careers.

Their mission is to empower people in Africa living in extreme poverty to create their own livelihoods. They send around 18 containers tor rural African communities every year.

TWAM helps to keep around 225 tonnes of tools out of landfills in the UK every year.

We have donated 12 Citrus mists sprays which can be used by the volunteers in their centre.

Click here to find out more about Tools with a Mission.


Keep an eye out on our socials and blog to read about the rest of the donations we have made this month.

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