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Let's Sanitise at Westfield Stratford

We've just opened up our very first store, located in Westfield Stratford. We will be selling our best-selling products, including our mist sprays, hand gels, hand lotions and more. Our stand also features our sister brand Haze, which are stocking their scented hand sanitiser sprays.

As we like to say, our products aren't like any other hand sanitiser - they don't follow the usual stereotype of being sticky, dry out your hands and smell of alcohol. Our scented sanitisers are hydrating, moisturising on your hands and delightful to the senses.

We're located just a stone's throw away from Stratford station, the perfect place to stop by and unwind by indulging in the gorgeous hand sanitiser scents that we have to offer.

Feel free to pop by to Westfield and say hello to our friendly customer services team; they'll help you choose the hand care product you need to stay safe coming out of lockdown.

Natural Ingredients

luxurious hand care collection made with essential oils.

Made in the UK

We are proud that we formulate our products in the UK.

You Buy, We Donate

Choose a good cause and we'll take care of the rest.