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Happiness Edit

Boost your mood and have a positive day with our happiness edit. With a focus around citrus fruits, this edit will be sure to uplift your week.

Start or end your day with the Yoga matters Eco Starters Yoga Kit, a great way to get a low impact exercise into your daily routine that focuses on breathing, posture, and meditation. If low impact isn’t your type of thing, why not try a HITT workout at home or going for a run to boost your endorphins.

Practice gratitude with The Green Gables year long gratitude journal. Taking a couple of minutes to jot down three good things about your day has been proven to raise your base happiness level and keep it up!

Appealing to your scents is an ideal way to naturally boost your mood. Keep our Citrus Mist Spray in your pocket for an on the go pick me up. Find the rest of our Citrus Collection here and get up to 30% off!

Music is the easiest and most effective way to quickly change your mood. Check out our Spotify playlist and find out for yourself!

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