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All things Oud

What is oud?


Oud is a scent derived from the tropical agar tree, commonly found in the Middle East but thought to have been originated in Assam, India. The agar tree is considered one of the most expensive timbers in the world so is often referred to as ‘scented luxury’ and ‘black gold’, its global market is reportedly worth £5 billion! The essential oil comes from fungus-infection within the heartwood of the tree where only one in ten trees in the wild actually have the infection this makes it a potentially threatened species due to its high demand.



What does it smell like?


Oud has a very warm, woody and smoky aroma, our scent has added bergamot and ginger, giving it a sultry twist.



Benefits and uses


This scent is often associated with harmony, serenity of spirit and the removal of destructive and negative energies within the home. It can also be used to enhance mental clarity and ease neurotic and obsessive behaviour.


It can also be used…

  • To treat irregularity in menses
  • To treat urinary diseases
  • To reduce heat in the body
  • For alleviating excess intestinal bacteria
  • To cure stomach complications
  • to treat and cure skin and liver conditions



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